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We have become increasingly active with acoustical treatments for walls and ceilings.


These treatments range from conventional items such as fabric-wrapped panels and baffles, which have a rigid fiberglass core and can be covered in an array of fabrics, including felt and leather.


To newer product offerings such as hanging felt panels as room dividers, three-dimensional acoustical tiles, wood-composite diffusers, translucent fabric clouds stretched over aluminum frames, and more.



  For Walls

Cavanaugh consistently delivers quality interior finish installations.

Whether encircling a game room with custom felt-wrapped fins or realizing an interior designer's acoustic forest concept, we are your one stop shop for all felt wall applications.

From fins to shingles and triangles to ribs: we are your solution.


  For Walls

Our goal is to deliver an aesthetically pleasing and acoustically functional space.


Whether the grand salons of the Cartier Mansion or the open areas of a corporate office, our aim is the same: expert workmanship completed on time with no punchlist.

We have over 20 years experience bringing just that - regardless of size, shape, fabric, or substrate.

Custom Panels  

   For Ceilings

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With customization, there really is no design ceiling. 

Xorel wrapped onto CNC cut maple framing to achieve an architect's vision for "custom butterfly petals" brings some much needed acoustic attenuation through a less expected design.

Using custom-cut, trapezoidal acrylic panels in multiple colors and textures to find the intersection where light diffusion meets art installation.

Check out our Gallery or Contact Us for more information.


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